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Why I’m Here

I’m a literary minded kind of guy.

I like my Dave Eggers, Miranda July, David Sedaris, and Augusten Burroughs as much as the other post modern readers. And if there’s one thing that all these writers have in common, it’s that they’ve developed a great voice for telling their life stories.

This blog will attempt to look at the techniques of creative nonfiction. Those writers are only the latest and most well known to emerge on the scene. But who are the originators and classics of the genre? How is the style crafted? Why is it becoming so popular? And what is it that makes creative nonfiction so fun to write?

Sure, I’m a little biased. I like my books in paperback. I lean to the political left. And I don’t look very favorably on writers who take 8 pages to get to a single point. But I’m a writing arts major in college. I’ve been around the block when it comes to critiquing essays. And I think I’ve located my niche with creative nonfiction.

Here’s to sharing all that I know and all that I pick up in my studies along the way.